• Burleson ISD offers a full-day Pre-Kindergarten program for qualified applicants.  Follow the link below for additional details.





    HB4 High-Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program

    Family engagement is the mutual responsibility of families, school, and communities to build relationships to support student learning and achievement and to support family well-being and the continuous learning and development of children, families, and educators. Family engagement is fully integrated into the child’s educational experience and supports the whole child and is both culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate.

    Facilitate Family-to-Family Support

    Provide parents with opportunities to participate in district and campus initiatives, such as:

    • PreK RoundUp
    • Parent Booklets - “Helping Your Child Succeed in PreKindergarten”
    • Curriculum Family Nights
    • Campus family events
    • PTO meetings
    • Early Years Parent Newsletter (monthly)
    • Parent Conferences
    • Parent Volunteer opportunities on the campus
    • ReadyRosie - an online video library
    • Serve on campus and district committees
    • Parent Education classes
    • English Language classes

    Establish a Network of Community Resources

    Establish resources that provide services to the students, in an effort to equip parents and caregivers with skills needed to have a healthy and productive family.

    • Burleson Public Library
    • Region 11 Education Service Center
    • Ministerial Alliance Group
    • Harvest House, Promises, Backpack Ministry
    • Campus Clothes Closet
    • Huguley Mobile Clinic

    Increase Family Participation in Decision-Making

    Encourage family participation in decision making, realizing that contributions are crucial to a well-rounded and well-thought-out plan that will facilitate support for all stakeholders and impact positive student achievement.

    • Campus and District Site-Based Decision-Making Committees (CEIC & DEIC)
    • Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
    • Campus-level parent and teacher meetings
    • Parent Surveys

    Equip Families with Tools to Enhance and Extend Learning

    Learning opportunities to enhance and extend learning by providing:

    • Registering families for ReadyRosie
    • Campus Early Literacy Family Nights
    • Classroom Take-home Book Bags
    • Technology: Email, Classroom and Campus websites, Newsletters, Twitter
    • Bilingual Parent Education

    Develop Staff Skills in Evidence-Based Practices that Support Families in Meeting their Children’s Learning Benchmarks

    Staff development offered to teachers and paraprofessionals to support in helping families so that their children reach learning benchmarks.

    • Frog Street SPLASH conference
    • District PreK PLC - 6 times during the year
    • On-site and webinar training specific to PreK on district PD days
    • Region 11 training
    • Training in CLI Engage Circle Assessment

    Evaluate Family Engagement Efforts and Use Evaluations for Continuous Improvement

    Trainings, workshops, meetings and parental involvement activities are followed with an evaluation which provides parents the opportunity to express their views on the value of the activity.

    • ReadyRosie Parent Survey
    • Encourage parent responses to events
    • Use parent input from Site-based and District of Innovation committee meetings to provide valuable information in planning, development, and implementation of programs
    • Teacher evaluation of PreK program


    Approved by DEIC 11-28-17