• Welcome

    Burleson ISD has a tradition of providing an excellent education with highly-qualified teachers passionate and dedicated to student success. Burleson ISD has 18 schools serving more than 12,200 students. BISD employs approximately 1,500 staff members with 60% serving as classroom instructional employees.

  • Burleson ISD Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Burleson Independent School District is to engage and support every learner with a rigorous curriculum so they graduate college and career ready.

  • Core Values

    • We believe in setting high expectations for all.
    • We believe in cultivating and sustaining intellectual curiosity.
    • We believe each student’s voice is important in the decisions made about their education.
    • We believe families matter and deserve the opportunity to be heard and considered.
    • We believe in the intentional development of student character and interpersonal skills.
    • We believe strong, positive relationships develop engaged students, respectful communities and a sense of belonging.
    • We believe in recognizing and nurturing each individual’s strengths and talents.
    • We believe in providing students with choices to increase engagement and ownership of their learning.
    • We believe in honoring the unique needs of the individual while creating a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.
    • We believe that fun is an integral part of the learning process.
    • We believe growth occurs through challenge.
  • Burleson ISD Vision

    Burleson Independent School District’s vision is for every learner to graduate with 21st Century problem solving and reasoning skills, ready to embrace their dynamic future.

  • Objectives

    • Each student will be able to communicate and compete globally.
    • Each student will graduate with the ability to showcase and communicate their unique talents and achievements.
    • Each student will be able to independently identify a problem, effectively collaborate, and communicate innovative solutions that positively impact society.
    • Each student will successfully transition out of high school with the opportunity to earn a debt-free college degree or post-secondary certification.


    • We will design an engaging and challenging curriculum that develops each student’s ability to read, write, think, and defend.
    • We will provide students with multiple avenues for specialized instruction and opportunities to advance at their own pace.
    • We will equip teachers with the resources, training, and time necessary to achieve our strategic objectives.
    • We will establish a college-going culture on every BISD campus that intentionally prepares students for future endeavors.
    • We will offer educational programs of choice that nurture students’ unique talents and promote global citizenship.