Burleson ISD Stadium Policies

  • 1. No outside food and drinks allowed. This does include water.

    2. There will be no in and out privileges, re-entry requires purchase of a new ticket.

    3. Purses are allowed. Backpacks are not. Students who have backpacks will have to leave them in a designated area of the stadium. This area will not be supervised.

    4. Only personnel with sideline passes can be on the field ~ spectators are not allowed on the field before or after the games.

    5. Ticket sales are online only. No in-person ticket sales at this time. Everyone aged 3 and older needs a ticket for entrance.

    6. Cash or checks only at concessions stands. No debit or credit cards accepted.

    7. There is no crossover from home side to visitor side or visa-versa. This includes band parents from visiting teams that want to crossover to the home side to film half-time performance.

    8. Spectators are not allowed to have air horns or whistles. All other noise makers are subject to district rules.

    9. No tobacco or alcohol products. This includes electronic cigarettes and vapor products.

    10. Spectators must adhere to UIL and BISD expectations. Failure to do so could result in removal from the stadium.

    11. No confetti or powder allowed on the playing surface and stands.

    12. Elementary and middle school students must be accompanied by their parent.