Employee Forms & Links

  • Name and Address Change Form

      For address change only: 

    • If you are an existing employee, update your address in Employee Access. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.
    • If you are a previous employee, click Name and Address Change Form to download the form. You will need to complete and sign the form, then return to Human Resources.

      For name changes, you will need the following: 

    • Print the Name and Address Change Form, complete and sign the form.  
    • You will need to bring the completed form along with your updated driver's license and social security card reflecting your new name to Human Resources.

    Employee Service Records Request Form

     Click  Employee Records Request to download and print the form.

    This form must be completed and signed. You can email the completed request to lisa.birdwell@bisdmail.net or aburchard@bisdmail.net or fax it to 817-447-4924.

    If you need further assistance with obtaining the form, please contact Lisa Birdwell at 817-245-1036 or Alicia Burchard at 817-245-1033.

    Employee Internal Application 

    BISD Employee Internal Application 

    Employee Resources & Links 

    BISD Administrator Login 

    Employee Access

    Employee access allows you to view checks, change your address, and view any information about your employment. 

    All Staff - Human Resources

    Visit All Staff to view employee calendars, the BISD Employee Handbook, and other HR documents.