Gifted & Talented Education

  • Burleson Independent School District demonstrates its commitment to educational excellence through its array of programs for academically gifted and talented students throughout the grade levels. The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students indicates five categories of giftedness: general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, creativity, leadership, and visual/performing arts. Currently, Burleson ISD serves students through the gifted and talented program who are identified as advanced intellectually and academically. Their giftedness may surface as an outstanding aptitude in one or more of the areas of language arts, math, science and social studies. Programming focuses on gifted academic experiences and personal development. Although many gifted students also possess artistic/musical, creative talents and leadership characteristics, courses and programs are available outside of the gifted and talented program for students talented in those areas. The SOAR program, the TAG Program, the Honors Program, and the Advanced Placement program, all provide a wide variety of learning opportunities throughout an identified gifted student’s schooling.

    Program Manual for Academically Gifted and Talented Students

    Gifted Education in Elementary (Grades K-5)

    SOAR Program (Students Off and Running)

    Students in kindergarten through second grade are served in Students Off and Running (SOAR). All students will be a part of a gifted/talent pool, and all teachers have received the 30-hour Gifted and Talented training. Identified gifted students will be provided with instruction and learning experiences both in their classroom and in bi-weekly pull-out sessions with the campus GT teacher. The students will receive instruction designed to enhance talent and will include but not be limited to lessons in divergent thinking, deductive reasoning, and metacognition.

    TAG Program (Talented and Gifted)

    The TAG (Talented and Gifted) Program in Burleson serves identified students in grades three through five. A gifted specialist on each elementary campus works with the gifted students and their teachers to provide enrichment and academic acceleration as needed. Identified students are clustered in a regular classroom with a teacher who has received the 30-hour Gifted and Talented training. In addition to serving as a resource for the classroom teachers, the Gifted Specialist meets with TAG students weekly on the gifted curriculum. The curriculum includes independent research, advanced product development, complex thinking techniques, extensions on grade-level TEKS, the introduction of above-level TEKS, and personal development.

    Gifted Education in Secondary (Grades 6-12)

    Middle and High School Programs

    Identified gifted and talented students are served in their areas of strength in Honors, Pre-AP, and AP classes in the four academic core content areas. Honors, Pre-AP, and AP teachers have received the 30-hour Gifted and Talented training and offer a continuum of learning experiences that lead to the development of advanced-level performances and products. When possible, in-school and out-of-school options, relevant to the student’s area of strength, are available.  Additionally, a gifted and talented elective course is offered to continue the development of gifted students' individual research and advanced product development skills. 

    Referral Process

    BISD assesses students in grades K-12 based on referrals received during an annual window and permission to test. Gifted and Talented Education serves students who demonstrate a need for services not ordinarily provided by the school based upon a preponderance of evidence gathered during the assessment process. Students are assessed for both ability and achievement. After reviewing the data and information collected for each candidate, decisions are made on an individual basis by a trained campus committee. BISD has an annual referral window in December of each school year. Any student in grades K-12 is eligible for referral. 

    Parent Referral Form (English)

    Parent Referral Form (Spanish)

    Out-of-District Transfers

    Placement in the Burleson ISD GT program is not automatic for students identified as GT outside of Burleson ISD. Students formally identified as requiring gifted services in the previous district must provide a letter or document on official school stationary acknowledging that the student was a participant in a gifted program in another district and must provide the test scores used to make that decision. Within five to six weeks of receiving that information, the campus gifted specialist will review the data to determine whether or not the expectations of the previous district equal, exceed, or approximate local requirements.

    Burleson ISD will honor test results from other districts provided they are not more than two years old, were group-administered, and were nationally normed ability and achievement tests. The campus gifted specialists will administer any additional testing needed to complete the referral process if any is required.

    For additional information:

    Contact your student's campus or the office of Advanced Academics.


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