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    Esports (aka, "Electronic Sports"), as a group, have quickly developed into one of the most advanced technological industries and one of the largest revenue generators of the decade, bigger than the movie and music industries combined for the past 8 years! There are several opportunities in the public and private sectors, and in the Armed Forces for graduates with the technological skills developed by playing esports.
    There are also a multitude of varsity esports teams competing nationally at the collegiate level, including many of the top teams in the DFW Metroplex. All of these teams offer collegiate teams the opportunity to compete for scholarships through their game play. In addition, all of the campuses where esports are played offer scholarships to high school students who seek to pursue degrees in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (graphic design), and Math (“STEAM”), subjects, and the skills that student s learn in these programs may be applied to public and private sectors careers, as well as careers in the Armed Forces. 
    Burleson ISD supports its students who seek post secondary college and career opportunities in the esports industry by partnering with the esports league in North America focused exclusively on educating teachers and students about esports and on expanding the learning opportunities through esports. By partnering with world champion pro teams, TEXSEF offers BISD students unparalleled access to pro esports gamers, internships and job shadowing opportunities with the top teams in their respective leagues, opportunities to play with the top collegiate players in exhibition games, and the opportunity to maintain and enhance their friendships through a wide variety of fun esports competitions.

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  • Congratulations to TEXSEF Rocket League Players at the STEAM Middle School:

    Brady "Bardee#9695" Sexton, Elijah "CENSORED" Childs, and Isaac "isack-yt" Sandman!

    This STEAM Middle School Team has advanced to the TEXSEF Rocket League Playoffs. These BISD middle school students will compete against other middle school and high school Rocket League teams to earn the opportunity to compete in the TEXSEF State Rocket League Finals, and then to advance to the North America Scholastic Esports Federation Championship tournament and compete against teams from the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

    Congratulations to the BISD K-5 Dec. 12, 2020 Tournament Winners!

    Rocket League Image
    Quinten "M4RI0_Lllllllama" Mathis - (Brock ES)
    John Alan "I_am_legend_4277" Willis - (Academy of Fine Arts at Bransom ES)
    Remington "Twisted_Roses" Boggs - (Clinkscale ES)
    FIFA 21 Gaming Image
    Ian "Sparta06" Rickard - (Frazier ES)
     Minecraft Gaming Image
    Javien "Sooyeon1004" Krezel - (Hajek ES)
    Super Smash Bros Gaming Image
    Elias "Flare267" Colston - (Frazier ES)
    EA Sports Madden NFL 21 Gaming Image
    Brayden "Munoz35" Munoz - (Hajek ES)
    These students have each won customized esports jerseys from BISD K-5 Esports League sponsor, Sector Six Apparel. Congratulations, Players!
    Check out clips from the BISD K-5 Tournament at these links!


    Congratulations to the February 7, 2020 BISD / ENVY Gaming Winter Invitational Winners!

    BISD Esports Coach Mentors:
    (Players! Email Coach Mentors for game play tips and online practice information...)
    Mr. Jonathon Smith, Hughes Middle School, Rm. D103 (
    Mrs. Louise Morgan, STEAM Middle School, Makerspace (
    Mr. Rockford Rudd, Burleson High School, Rm. 171 (
    Mr. Dustin Streitz, Centennial High School, ( )
    Mr. Eric Cape, Kerr Middle School, ( )
    Mr. Jonathon Eversole, REALM Secondary School, Rm. 301 (


  • What games are we playing this year?

  • What if we want to play two games in one season, for example Rocket League and Madden21 in the Fall, may we do so?

  • How much does it cost to play?

  • Where do we sign up?

  • Will students in grade levels K-5 be able to play esports this year?

  • Where will students play?

  • Do I have to be an expert to play?

  • Can I play PC and / or Console?

  • How old do I have to be to play Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, and / or Super Smash Bors. Ultimate?

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