• Burleosn Collegiate High School, BCHS: Early College High School Established 2016


About Burleson Collegiate High School

  • BCHS is a partnership between BISD, the City of Burleson, and Hill College. Rigorous high school and college courses will be taught by high school teachers and Hill College instructors. Students will tackle college-level coursework through high levels of support, encouragement, and their own self-determination.


  • P: (817) 245-1600
    F: (817) 245-1606


  • Monday to Friday
    Office Hours:   8:00 am to 4:30 pm
    School Hours:  8:45 am to 4:15 pm


  • BCHS Admission Process & Timeline

  • BCHS Highlights

  • Campus Locations: 517 SW Johnson

  • Contact Information for Questions?

  • Courses by Grade Level

  • Early College High School Student Profile

  • How Many Exams Could My Student Take in High School?

  • Sample Schedule: 9th Grade

  • What is an Early College High School?

  • What is the Family Commitment to BCHS?

  • What Makes a Student A Good Candidate for BCHS?

  • What Should We Expect If We Are Accepted into BCHS?

  • What Traditional High School Moments Does BCHS Offer?

  • Who Can Apply for BCHS?

High School vs. College Standards

  • Attendance

  • Course Content Information

  • Learning and Accountability

  • Grading

  • Parent Communication

  • Extra Assistance

  • Behavior

  • Note-Taking

  • Structure and Reminders

  • Accommodations