• Burleson Collegiate High School may be appropriate for students who:

    ● might be the first in their family to attend college.
    ● want to attend college but need a no-­cost solution.
    ● are motivated to challenge themselves with in depth college­l-evel course work.
    ● are comfortable in smaller classes focused on academics.
    ● are open to accept academic guidance from dedicated, collegiate teachers and professors.
    ● don’t plan on participating in school sponsored activities, such as athletics, band, drill team, cheerleading, but are interested in student-­driven clubs and other activities.

    Why Burleson Collegiate High School?
    Burleson Collegiate High School provides an advanced academic environment that provides motivated students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma as well as an Associate’s Degree, or up to 60 college hours from an accredited community college.

    Who is eligible to apply to Burleson Collegiate High School?
    All students have access to the program; however, the BCHS core mission is to give prospective first-­generation and other typically underrepresented students in higher education a no­-cost solution to earning a two­-year degree with transfer eligibility to a four year college/university.

    How do I apply?
    Applications are available online and through middle school campuses. Students and parents must complete all parts of the application as well as attend interviews.

    How many students will be accepted? What will class size be?
    The BCHS model requires small cohorts of students. There will be 80 students accepted each school year. High school class sizes will be between 20-­25 students. College class sizes may be larger.

    What are the academic expectations?
    All courses at BCHS will be advanced (Pre­AP or dual credit) courses. Students must be committed to putting in the time and dedication required to be successful in these courses. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in college courses. Students who struggle significantly will meet with campus staff to determine a support plan, including tutorial attendance.

    Can students outside of Burleson ISD attend BCHS?
    Students must reside in the BISD attendance area.

    Where will the BCHS campus be located?
    BCHS is located on the Centennial HS campus. There is a separate entrance for BCHS students at the back of E-­Wing.

    Is there bus service to BCHS?
    Shuttle service will be provided. Pick up points will be communicated this summer.

    Will meal service be provided?
    Yes, child nutrition will have meals available at BCHS.

    What if I need to transition back to a traditional high school?
    Once students accept a spot at BCHS they are committed to the BCHS campus for the duration of their time in high school.

    Will UIL activities be offered?
    All BCHS courses are taught at the Pre­-AP and college level. This requires significant focus, time and energy. Additionally, UIL activity schedules can conflict with college course schedules. BCHS students will have opportunities to join student-­driven clubs and activities.

    Does BCHS follow the BISD or college academic calendar?
    To the extent possible, the BCHS will follow the BISD calendar. However, if the college classes meet when BISD does not, students will be required to attend their college classes.

    Who will teach the classes at BCHS?
    BCHS teachers who teach high school courses will be employed by BISD. College instructors providing dual credit courses are employed by the college.

    Are classes longer or shorter than high school classes?
    Course schedules will be designed around college course meet times. Classes may meet up to 50 minutes a day or be scheduled for 90 minute blocks.

    How many college hours will a student take?
    Freshmen are expected to take one college course. Sophomores may take up to two college courses per semester. By the junior and senior year, most BCHS students will take up to 12 hours of college coursework in a semester. The goal is to graduate with an Associate’s degree by high school graduation to transition to a four year college or university.

    Will college credits transfer to any college or university?
    College credit will transfer to any Texas public university. Students interested in other institutes of higher education should check with them regarding their credit transfer policies.