• How to Purchase a Student Parking Permit

    1. All students who wish to park at Burleson High School (BHS) must purchase a parking permit each year at $50 for the year or $25 per semester. Students may purchase a second permit for $10.
    2. To purchase a parking permit you must visit the Student Parking section of the BHS website, at https://www.burlesonisd.net/domain/1537 and follow the directions to the links provided. There are two links. One for payment and one for student, parent/guardian and vehicle registration information. Students/parents must fill out the Google Registration Worksheet to complete the full registration. Failure to do so will delay the registration and issuing of the permit regardless if you paid for the parking permit.
    3. Once the registration and payment completion email has been received, students will need to come buy the front office to pick up their permit/sticker.

    Parking Permit Sticker Window Placement and Penalty/Fines

    1. Once you have your parking permit, you will need to place the permit/sticker on the inside of your windshield above your vehicle’s state registration sticker.
    2. If you lose your parking permit and have already purchased a permit, you can purchase a replacement for $10.
    3. Failure to have a Parking Permit or failure to display a parking permit will result in a parking fine of $20 that is issued by the BHS security personnel. These parking fines will be assessed for each day the vehicle goes without a parking permit and is parked on BHS property. All fines will be entered into your Skyward account.

    Student Authorized Parking Location

    1. During school days (8:00am-4:30pm) students can only park in the large student parking lot located on the southeast side of the campus. (between the main building and tennis courts)
    2. During arrival and dismissal times, students will enter and exit the student parking lot by the tennis courts. During school hours, students will utilize the main entrance/exit and check in/out. (by parking lot attendant building)
    3. If you are a student that drives a different vehicle that is not permitted, you must make the front office aware upon arriving on campus.

    Parents and Visitors Parking on Campus

    1. Parents and visitors to the campus will park in the lot that is located in the front of the building. There are designated spaces for visitors to the campus.
    2. All other parking lots on the campus are available for BHS staff. These vehicles will have a “Staff Permit”.


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