Transcript Requests / Graduation Verification

  • Transcript Requests/Graduation Verifications

    If a student is less than 18 years of age, transcripts will not be released without authorization from the student, parent, guardian or responsible person.
    If a student is 18 or older, transcripts will not be released without the student’s written consent.

    Transcripts Requests
    In an effort to streamline the process for requesting official transcripts, BISD is partnering with Parchment to send transcripts electronically, securely and confidentially to universities and colleges. The request service is available online 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

    Alumni Students
    Alumni students simply request a transcript and designate the academic institution, organization or individual that they would like to receive the transcript. The student will be notified when their request is complete and can also track the status of their request or view a saved copy of their transcript.
    If you are an Alumni requesting a transcript in person, the front office will provide you a computer to place your order via Parchment.
    If your name has changed since your graduation or enrollment in BISD, please use the name from that time period.
    Simply click the link below for your alma mater to begin.

    Request Your Transcript
    Burleson High School

    Need Assistance?
    If you need assistance with Parchment, find video tutorials, user guides, frequently asked questions and other support resources at

    Third Party Verification of Graduation

    In order to provide better, secure and faster service to our students, all corporate verifications and transcripts will be processed via Parchment.

    A message from Burleson High School/Centennial High School/CRHS/BCHS
    You are able to request as many transcripts online and have them sent directly to the college/university of your choice. There will be a convenience fee applied.

    As of August 1st, graduated students have officially been deemed alumni of Burleson Independent School District. When you set up your Parchment account, please use an email account other than your BISD email as it will be inactivated shortly after you graduate or withdraw from BISD.