Campus Information

  • What is Crossroads High School?

    • Crossroads High School (CrHS) is a high school centrally located in the City of Burleson and has an average of 75 students at a time. 
    • Our students have an opportunity to earn a high school diploma at an accelerated pace.
    • We serve young adults ages 16-20.

    Who would benefit from Crossroads High School?

    • Students who feel disconnected from a traditional high school environment
    • Students who would thrive in a small school that offers extensive support from teachers and campus faculty
    • Learners who are ready to graduate and begin the next chapter in their lives.
    • Students who desire a more intimate environment that provides structure, stability, personalized support, and a mature, college-business going culture.

    What are the expectations?

    • Attend school every day on time.
    • Practice effective work habits.
    • Finish what you started! Meet your graduation requirements (EOC and credits).
    • Respect yourself, others and your environment
    • Come ready to learn something exciting and new.
    • Every day poses new challenges that are both fun and enlightening.

    A chance to take rigorous and exciting classes.

    • We provide assistance with college applications, FASFA, TSI, BOF, Apply Texas applications, and many other college/career transitions.
    • Get to know what careers are available for you to learn and train in the workforce.
    • Enjoy and learn vast opportunities through scholastic field trips that will inspire you to do your best and look forward to all the world has to offer!
    • Earn industry certification and Licences.

    What does Crossroads High School offer students?

    • The reduced student to teacher ratio.
    • School hours consist of AM (8:00-1:03) & PM ( 10:32-3:35).
    • All instructors are highly qualified and meet the individual learning needs of students.
    • Hands-on learning.
    • Instructors integrate technology into their daily lessons.

    Pick up an application at your Burleson ISD home campus or Crossroads HS
    Office Hours 7:45 am to 4:15 pm
    Download application Here


  • To Contact:

    Phone: (817) 245 - 0500

    Principal: Marcus Canonico

    Grade Levels: 9-12

  • School hours:

    AM (8:00-1:03) & PM ( 10:32-3:35)

  • 505 Pleasant Manor Ave

    Burleson TX 76028