• What is Right Turn Discipline Center?

    The Right Turn Discipline Center (RTDC) is a behavior modification program designed to serve students who have been removed from their home campus and assigned to alternative placement for violating the BISD Code of Conduct or students in the BISD who have been charged with other offenses in the community that warrant an assignment. The RTDC program includes the following components:

    • Behavior Management
    • Academics
    • Life Skills
    • Individual and group counseling
    • A structured environment

    All students on the Right Turn campus follow the same general guidelines.

    Information For Parents

    Once your child has been assigned to RTDC:
    Parent and student must attend an In-Take Meeting.  

    It is the responsibility of the parent to call 817-245-0500 and schedule the In-Take meeting.                                                                                             

    • Attend the In-Take Meeting with your child.
      • Meeting last about an hour.
      • Student must be in dress code to start RTDC.
      • Meetings are Monday – Friday at 8:45 a.m.
    • In-Take Metings will include specifics about the RTDC Program.
    • A meeting to review your child’s progress in school and set goals while attending RTDC will be discussed.
    • The school day for RTDC is 8:15 a.m. – 3:10 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
    • We follow the BISD School Calendar.
    • Transportation to and/or from RTDC is not provided by BISD.
    • A parent or guardian will be required to provide transportation and be responsible for keeping their child in the vehicle until the student is received by a RTDC staff member each morning.
    • Students may not be “dropped-off” at RTDC and/or left unattended at any time. 

    General RTDC Dress Code Information

    (RTDC Dress Code will be reviewed in detail at the In-Take Meeting.  The BISD Dress Code will be enforced along with additional restrictions in the RTDC Dress Code.  Students will not be allowed to attend classes until dress code standards have been met.)


    • BOYS – ONLY solid GRAY, loose fitting, crew neck t-shirt or collared shirt, buttoned to the top.
    • GIRLS – ONLY solid GRAY, loose fitting, crew neck t-shirt or collared shirt, buttoned to the top.
    • Tucked in so the waist of the pants is visible.



    • Must cover the entire foot and be primarily white, black, brown or gray.
    • No NEON colors shoes will be allowed.
    • Shoes, socks, and shoelaces must adhere to BISD dress code policy.



    • No jewelry or watches.
    • No head coverings (i.e. hats, wigs, etc.).
    • No make-up, no nail polish, no nail treatment of any kind.
    • No inappropriate or unnecessary items.



    • Solid, khaki, uniform pants only
    • Must fit at the waist and stay above the hip bone
    • No “cargo”, oversized or form-fitting pants



    • No distracting hair styles or colors
    • Must not conceal or cover the face or eyes, at any time, even when looking down.


    • 1 package of yellow pencils
    • 2 highlighters
    • 1 package of pencil top erasers
    • 1 box of tissue
    • 1 single subject spiral notebook


    Bring lunch in a clear plastic bag or money in the BISD lunch account to order lunch daily. Free or reduced lunches do apply.