Crossroads Entrance Process

  • Crossroads High School is a drop-out prevention campus.


    This campus is designed to assist students who are at-risk of not graduating by utilizing a non-traditional teaching format. 


    Crossroads High School is a program of choice. Students are not allowed to enroll directly in CrHS.


    Any student who wishes to complete an application for Crossroads HS must currently be enrolled at a BISD High School.  


    • Students/ parents should consult their home campus counselor about the desire to attend Crossroads HS.  
    • The student then completes the Crossroads HS application located on this website.
    • Completion of an application DOES NOT guarantee enrollment at CrHS.
    • Once the application is submitted, the student will be placed on a priority list at the high school they are attending.  
    • The counselors for the home campus will prioritize all students on the list based on the totality of their circumstances. Students may move up or down the list as more students are added or circumstances change.
    • Please be advised that once students are on the Crossroads waiting list, they are prioritized based on the following:
      • 1) Special Life Circumstance
      • 2) Graduation Cohort Date - Seniors have 1st priority
      • 3) Good standing at BHS/CHS in regards to attendance/discipline - Attendance is VERY important
      • 4) Current effort being made toward recovering lost credits - Current Edgenuity Progress
      • 5) Participation, time taken in completing, and effort put forth to PASS STAAR/EOC tests


    When space becomes available:

    • CrHS administration pulls from the top of the priority lists of the high schools to set interviews for potential candidates. 
    • Students must complete this interview process to gain admission to Crossroads HS.
    • Once a student enrolls at Crossroads HS, they are required to finish and graduate at Crossroads HS.  They cannot go back to their traditional high school.