Culture Tenets

  • 👫 Collaboration: 

    • We believe in the power of community.
    • We value input and connection with others.

    💬 Communication: 

    • We believe in the power of transparent communication to reach productive outcomes.
    • We value the practice of reliable, effective, and thoughtful communication.

    💪 Empowerment: 

    • We believe in the ownership of learning experiences.
    • We value the development of autonomy in stakeholders.

    ✌ Humility: 

    • We believe our calling gives us courage greater than ourselves in the face of obstacles and opposition.
    • We value the differences of the individual without compromising our values.

    🔓 Innovative: 

    • We believe in establishing the importance of the journey as much as the destination.
    • We value the new, useful, and surprising.

    ⏳ Intentional: 

    • We believe in deliberate and purposeful behavior and actions.
    • We value the beautiful constraint of time.

    🔌 Restorative: 

    • We believe in strengthening relationships between connected individuals and shaping the whole person.
    • We value the power of genuine connection.