How To Purchase a Student Parking Pass

  • All Students who wish to park at Centennial High School (CHS) must purchase a parking pass each year at $50 for the year or $25 for second semester. Students may purchase a second pass for $10. Follow the link below to purchase your pass. Print/Save a copy of your receipt.

  • Once the registration and payment are complete, students will need to come by the front office to see Mrs. Hertel. You will need to bring current insurance, driver’s license and receipt to pick up their parking pass. Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM.

Parking Pass Sticker and Penalties

    1. Once you have your parking pass, you will need to place the pass on the inside of your windshield above your vehicle’s state registration sticker.

    2. If you lose your parking pass, and have already purchased a pass, you can purchase a replacement for $10. 

    3. Failure to have a Parking Pass or failure to display a parking pass will result in a parking fine of $20. Parking fines will be assessed for each day the vehicle goes without a parking pass and is parked on CHS property. All fines will be entered into your Skyward account.

Student Authorized Parking Locations

  • 1. The Larger front/South parking area off Hurst road is designated for students that leave campus for CTE classes or students that have an out period.

    2.The smaller front/North parking area of Hurst road is designated for staff and visitors.
    3.The parking areas located in the back of the school and the South side of the school (D Hall), is designated for all students that do not leave campus during the day.  The first row of these parking sections is for staff.
    4.Students that arrive late to school will park in their designated area and enter through the front office.
    5.The color of each parking sticker indicates where you are designated to park.
    6.Please see the parking map for clarification.

    Note: There are three student designated parking areas. Parking anywhere but in these designated areas will result in a parking fine.