Administration Home

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    House offices are named after letters of the Greek alphabet.  Students are assigned a House Principal and a House Counselor based on their last name.  Since we have 5 House Counselors and 4 House Principals it is possible for a student to be in two different houses.  The breakdown is as follows:

    Beta House Secretary (Deborah Holderby) & Principal (Asia Clark): A-D

    Beta House Counselor (Karen Blandino): A - Co

    Beta House Phone Number: 817.245.0472


    Delta House Secretary (Daphne Smiley) & Principal (Jason Bomer): E - J

    Delta House Counselor (Vanessa Streitz): Cr - Herm

    Delta House Phone Number - 817.245.0284


    Gamma House Counselor (Abbey Mar): Hern - Mc

    Gamma House Phone Number: 817.245.0288


    Lambda House Secretary (Brittany Caffey) & Principal (Aundre Walker): K - Q

    Lambda House Counselor (Stephanie Davis): Me - Sha

    Lambda House Phone Number: 817.245.0288


    Zeta House Secretary (Rachel Ferguson) & Principal (Eric Dobey): R - Z

    Zeta House Counselor (Tynisha Lane): She - Z

    Zeta House Phone Number: 817.245.0302