• The Academy of Leadership & Technology at Mound Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


    The safety of our students is our first priority. There are two areas for parents to use. Parents may use our Front and Horseshoe drive-through areas for drop-off and pick-up. Staff will load and unload cars each day. There is NO parking in drive-through areas during arrival and dismissal times. Students will NOT be allowed to walk out to cars in the front of the building.



    • Single lane traffic will be formed in both designated areas. Once student(s) have been unloaded from the car, proceed to the correct lane to turn left or right from the exit area. Please do not pass other cars. We ask for your patience during this process.
    • Students should be prepared to quickly unload on the right side of the vehicle. Staff will be there to assist if needed.


    • Two lanes of traffic will be formed.
    • Post your family dismissal card on your visor, or from the rearview mirror.
    • Staff will load cars in groups and then those cars will exit until all cars have passed through the loading zone. Students will NOT load while traffic is moving to ensure safety for all. Please follow directions of staff members directing traffic.
    • There is NO PARKING in the drive-through lanes during dismissal. Stay in your vehicle and keep your car in park until signaled to pull forward.
    • If you are picking up your child(ren) in a car, we ask that you use the appropriate drive-through area at dismissal time.

                   Walkers at Dismissal Time:

    • All students that walk home or ride a bike home will meet in room #117 at dismissal time. A staff member will take this group of students outside at about 3:15 PM. This will allow for the dismissal drive-through lanes to clear out and protect the safety of our students from our car dismissal procedures.
    • Any parent/guardian that does not use the drive through system and is in a car will come to the front door (left door entry) to sign their child out. Identification will be checked and the child(ren) will then be called to meet parent at front door. (This also includes parent(s)/guardians that walk home with student(s)).
    • Students walking must stay on the sidewalks and will not be allowed to cross through the parking lot. Crossing guards will escort students through crosswalk areas on Thomas and Tarrant streets.


    Parking spots on Thomas Street during arrival and dismissal times are designated for families needing to escort their student inside the building. 


    We value your cooperation and patience as we follow traffic procedures. Please follow the directions of staff members. Remember, your children are our most valuable resource, and we will do everything necessary to ensure their safety.


    Mound traffic map with arrival and dismissal procedures