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Students of the Month



May Students of the Month


Put your hands together for our May Student of the Month, Emma Hardy.  Mrs. Berry (Emma’s 5th grade teacher) said, “Emma shows integrity, plays fair, and includes everyone. She owns and takes responsibility for her actions.  She also shows accountability .She holds her peers accountable and will speak up when she sees something wrong.   Emma has a growth mindset, always willing to learn and grow.” 


In her free time, Emma loves playing video games and football.  She also enjoys drawing, cooking, and playing cards.


Congratulations Emma!



May Student of the Month #2

Congratulations to Jaxon Boop, our May Student of the Month.  Mrs. Mundt (Jaxon’s 5th grade teacher) said, “Jaxon is always willing to help. Anytime you need anything done, he is there for you. He is always kind and caring. Jaxon is very courteous and is always showing respect. Everything is ‘Yes Ma'am’ and ‘No Ma'am’ with him. Jaxon is always doing the right thing.” 


In his free time Jaxon loves football, baseball, swimming, and playing catch with his dogs. 

Congratulations Jaxon!