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Drop off & Pick up Instructions w/maps

We wanted to make sure everyone was aware of our drop off and pick up routes.

In the mornings, you can either choose to drop off at the front of the school or the gym. (Please note you can't turn left into the school parking lot from Miller Street)  All lines form through Scott Street at both drop off and dismissal.

At dismissal, K-2 students will be picked up at the front of the school so parents will loop through Rigney Way to help alleviate heavy traffic and back up. Grades 3-5 (and younger siblings for those in these grade levels) will be dismissed from the gym. This line starts at Scott Street and then turns at Eldred, to Lawson and then by the gym. 

Several reminders as you drop off and pick up your children. Please remember that we share this neighborhood with other families that need to get to work, take their children to other schools, have appointments, etc. Please help show our compassion ring by not blocking their driveways so they are able to arrive and leave with ease. 

Please have your pickup card that was provided at Meet the Teacher. You will need these cards at dismissal. If the person picking up does not have the pickup cards, they will be asked to get out of the line and go to the office so identification can be checked.  So plan to bring your drivers license in with you if this is the case.  This is not meant to be frustrating or insulting, rather a way to keep our lines moving quickly, with student safety as our top priority. 

We ask for patience, compassion and integrity as everyone learns these procedures and we become more efficient in this process. 

Morning drop off map

Afternoon Pick Up Map