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BISD Showcase Dates & Reminders

BISD Showcase Dates and Reminders

  • February 1-5: BISD Showcase Week 
    • Monday, February 1: About our school - mission, vision, mascot, visual of what the school looks like, explain focus of school and what makes it different
    • Tuesday, February 2: About school clubs, extracurriculars, and organizations 
    • Wednesday, February 3: Opportunities for family involvement: events, family nights, PTO opportunities 
    • Thursday, February 4: How to apply, important dates, Schoolmint link, FAQs, and instructions for prospective parents and parents whose students will stay and do not need to re-apply. 
    • Friday, February 5: Today’s the day! Apply for choice schools now. 


 BISD Showcase Night 2021