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Students Excel at 2020 BISD Elementary UIL Academics Competition

300 students competed in 27 events for individual and team recognition

February 26, 2020 - Elementary students in Burleson Independent School District (BISD) competed as individuals and as teams at the A+ Academics competition held February 22 at Centennial High School. This UIL Academic Competition and its events are designed to complement and expand upon what students learn in the classroom, both through learning specific subject knowledge, and through learning skills that are valuable in most disciplines. 

More than 300 elementary students competed for individual and team recognition in the following categories: Art; Chess Puzzle; Creative Writing; Dictionary Skills; Listening; Maps, Charts and Graphs; Music Memory; Number Sense; Oral Reading; Ready Writing; Social Studies; Spelling; and Storytelling.

This is the fourth year BISD offered the A+ Academics competition to elementary students. 

Congratulations to students and teams for their achievements at this year’s academic meet: 

2020 School Grand Champions: STEAM Academy at Stribling Elementary

(View pictures from the ceremony at:

Art, 4th Grade

  1. Ulisis Ortiz, Taylor  
  2. Pheobe Vandever, Nola Dunn  
  3. Ava Taylor, Nola Dunn  
  4. Alyana Sidon, Bransom  
  5. Evan Parr, Nola Dunn  
  6. Jaxon Raleigh, Norwood  

Art, 4th Grade Team

  1. Nola Dunn  
  2. Taylor

Art, 5th Grade

  1. Violet Ervin, Bransom  
  2. Alexia Gilland, Norwood  
  3. Emma Griggs, Clinkscale  
  4. Jaiden Vasquez, Norwood  
  5. Chloe Bittner, Nola Dunn  
  6. Penelope Pittman, Nola Dunn

Art, 5th Grade Team

  1. Bransom
  2. Norwood
  3. Nola Dunn

Chess Puzzle, 2nd Grade

  1. Gryphin Gage, Stribling  
  2. Reid Whitsell, Nola Dunn  
  3. Milly Borchardt, Bransom  
  4. Jackson Ervin, Bransom  
  5. Brylee Randall, Clinkscale  
  6. Lucy Beal, Clinkscale  

Chess Puzzle, 2nd Grade Team

  1. Bransom
  2. Stribling
  3. Nola Dunn

Chess Puzzle, 3rd Grade

  1. Aadhav Shastry, Hajek  
  2. Parker Miller, Nola Dunn  
  3. Everett Bates, Frazier  
  4. Reid Buckner, Clinkscale  
  5. Alissa Keim, Clinkscale  
  6. David Lambert, Clinkscale  

Chess Puzzle, 3rd Grade

  1. Clinkscale, Hajek and Nola Dunn (tie)

Chess Puzzle, 4th Grade

  1. Gage Hart, Clinkscale  
  2. Grant Williams, Mound  
  3. Jackson Samuels, Clinkscale  
  4. Noah Rosales, Clinkscale  
  5. Colton Brown, Bransom  
  6. Brett Ball, Nola Dunn 

Chess Puzzle, 4th Grade Team

  1. Clinkscale
  2. Mound
  3. Nola Dunn

Chess Puzzle, 5th Grade

  1. Hunter Matthews, Clinkscale  
  2. Luke Williamson, Clinkscale  
  3. Dylan Ricke, Hajek  
  4. Thomas McGovern, Hajek & Caden Beardsley, Nola Dunn (tie)
  5. Enzo Elsner, Frazier  

Chess Puzzle, 5th Grade Team

  1. Clinkscale
  2. Frazier
  3. Hajek

Creative Writing, 2nd Grade

  1. Brody Brackeen, Nola Dunn  
  2. Luke Sturlin, Stribling  
  3. Jody Ford, Nola Dunn  
  4. Jackson Ervin, Bransom  
  5. Ella Sturlin, Stribling  
  6. Jayde Prieto, Frazier  

Dictionary Skills, 5th Grade

  1. Dylan Ricke, Hajek  
  2. Morgan Atwell, Stribling  
  3. Dominic Wilson, Hajek  
  4. Madison Jones, Frazier  
  5. Zachary Cooke, Stribling  
  6. Laylah Kilgore, Frazier  

Dictionary Skills, 5th Grade Team

  1. Hajek  
  2. Stribling
  3. Frazier 

Listening, 5th Grade

  1. Dominic Wilson, Hajek  
  2. Malia Valerio, Mound  
  3. Violet Ervin, Bransom  
  4. Dylan Ricke, Hajek  
  5. Marlee Brady, Bransom  
  6. Desslyn Snead, Nola Dunn  

Listening, 5th Grade Team

  1. Bransom
  2. Hajek
  3. Mound

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, 5th Grade

  1. Brian Smith, Bransom  
  2. Jackson Stapleton, Stribling  
  3. Morgan Atwell, Stribling  
  4. William Brown, Frazier  
  5. Amyria Young, Frazier  
  6. Cody Chittendon, Taylor  

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, 5th Grade

  1. Stribling  
  2. Bransom
  3. Frazier

Music Memory, 2nd Grade

  1. Ella Sturlin, Stribling  
  2. William Bradley, Stribling  
  3. Tucker Meguinot, Taylor  
  4. Jackson Ervin, Bransom  
  5. James Neel, Nola Dunn  
  6. Scarlett Parker, Stribling  

Music Memory, 2 Grade Team

  1. Stribling

Music Memory, 3rd Grade

  1. Jordan Amaya, Norwood  
  2. Ella Rankin, Norwood  
  3. Harper Wyrick, Clinkscale  
  4. Brynlee Roach, Norwood  
  5. Ben Anderson, Clinkscale  
  6. Jukae Ritok, Norwood and Natalia Tolentino, Norwood (tie)

Music Memory, 3rd Grade Team

  1. Norwood
  2. Clinkscale
  3. Frazier

Music Memory, 4th Grade

  1. Caroline Chiarelli, Stribling  
  2. Ellie Gurry, Clinkscale  
  3. Limkadre Ritok, Norwood  
  4. Zak Peets, Frazier  
  5. Gage Hart, Clinkscale  
  6. Jackson Samuels, Clinkscale and Ellie Hickman, Stribling (tie)

Music Memory, 4th Grade Team

  1. Clinkscale
  2. Norwood
  3. Stribling

Music Memory, 5th Grade

  1. Violet Ervin, Bransom  
  2. Amber Baker, Bransom  
  3. Kacey Burbridge, Clinkscale  
  4. Abigail Blackwood, Bransom  
  5. Maili Chavez, Frazier  
  6. Sophia Bravo, Clinkscale  

Music Memory, 5th Grade Team

  1. Bransom
  2. Clinkscale
  3. Frazier

Number Sense, 4th Grade

  1. Benaiah Erickson, Clinkscale and Landon Ford, Stribling (tie)
  2. Weston Montgomery, Nola Dunn  
  3. Jingnell Erickson, Clinkscale  
  4. Evan Peridichizzi,  Stribling  
  5. Zeke Cloud, Stribling  

Number Sense, 4th Grade Team

  1. Stribling Elementary, Stribling  
  2. Clinkscale Elementary, Clinkscale  
  3. Nola Dunn Elementary, Nola Dunn  

Number Sense, 5th Grade

  1. Enzo Elsner, Frazier  
  2. Brennan Miller, Nola Dunn  
  3. Jayden Martinez, Stribling  
  4. Karsyn Brown, Stribling  
  5. Jonas Kennedy, Frazier  
  6. Camden Morton, Clinkscale  

Number Sense, 5th Grade Team

  1. Frazier
  2. Stribling
  3. Nola Dunn

Oral Reading, 4th Grade

  1. Talia Cruz, Stribling  
  2. Kadee Topinka, Nola Dunn  
  3. Fiona Lowe, Bransom  
  4. Piper Brown, Frazier  
  5. Hannah Jimerson, Bransom  
  6. Kealy Custead, Frazier  

Oral Reading, 5th Grade

  1. Vivianne Rose, Frazier  
  2. Eaves Welborn, Nola Dunn  
  3. Lane Cashion, Hajek  
  4. Jillian Kornegay, Nola Dunn  
  5. Lexie Segoviano, Nola Dunn  
  6. Kindle Bagley, Clinkscale  

Ready Writing, 3rd Grade

  1. Sophia Villagomez, Hajek  
  2. Lexi Pace, Nola Dunn  
  3. Kellie Dunaway, Hajek  
  4. Kason Rhodes, Frazier  
  5. Geo Ortiz, Taylor  
  6. Gavin Erickson, Nola Dunn  

Ready Writing, 4th Grade

  1. Mary Sexton, Clinkscale  
  2. Ellie Hickman, Stribling  
  3. Lilly Drier, Taylor  
  4. Kaydence Crawford, Frazier  
  5. Presleigh Gregory, Frazier  
  6. Esme Brandon, Nola Dunn  

Ready Writing, 5th Grade

  1. Sierra Randall, Frazier  
  2. Adysan Douglas, Hajek  
  3. Claire Gambrell, Stribling  
  4. Violet Ervin, Bransom  
  5. Kadence Johnson, Nola Dunn  
  6. Andy Swain, Taylor  

Social Studies, 5th Grade

  1. Austin Green, Stribling  
  2. Grant Guerrier, Clinkscale  
  3. Tennyson Gary, Nola Dunn  
  4. Kacey Burbridge, Clinkscale  
  5. Brinley Hutchinson, Nola Dunn  
  6. Aimee Watts, Taylor  

Social Studies, 5th Grade Team

  1. Clinkscale  
  2. Stribling 
  3. Nola Dunn

Spelling, 3rd Grade

  1. McKenzie Johnson, Hajek  
  2. Lucy Mabe, Stribling  
  3. Everett Bates, Frazier  
  4. Kaylee Hand, Frazier  
  5. Adelina Amaro, Stribling  
  6. Kamryn Key, Bransom  

Spelling, 3rd Grade Team

  1. Frazier  
  2. Stribling
  3. Taylor

Spelling, 4th Grade

  1. Lilly Drier, Taylor  
  2. Emma Wilson, Stribling; William Morelock, Bransom; and Brandon Shrestha, Frazier  
  3. Kayleigh Camm, Hajek  
  4. Ayden Armstrong, Hajek; Aiden Hanson, Taylor;  and Emily Odom,Frazier (tie)

Spelling, 4th Grade Team

  1. Taylor  
  2. Frazier
  3. Bransom 

Spelling, 5th Grade

  1. Kacen Eades, Stribling  
  2. Violet Ervin, Bransom  
  3. Malia Valerio, Mound  
  4. Dax Ennebach, Mound  
  5. Enzo Elsner, Frazier  
  6. Anna Martin, Taylor  

Spelling, 5th Grade Team

  1. Bransom  
  2. Frazier
  3. Mound

 Storytelling, 2nd Grade

  1. Eli Collier, Frazier  
  2. Campbell Ward, Nola Dunn  
  3. Austin Morrison, Stribling  
  4. Lila Bolin, Nola Dunn  
  5. Charli Boop, Nola Dunn  
  6. Angel Rice, Norwood  

Storytelling, 3rd Grade

  1. Delaney Jones, Bransom  
  2. Liam Bowman, Stribling  
  3. Koah Matsuzawa, Nola Dunn  
  4. Lila Medders, Nola Dunn  
  5. Ella Rankin, Norwood  
  6. Avery Smith, Hajek