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November 2023 Hajek Teacher & Staff Member of the Month

Our November Staff Member of the Month is... Sixta Antillon!  Here is what was said about her: "Sixta does a wonderful job keeping our classrooms and hallway clean. She’s always smiling, and laughing with us, and is a wonderful addition to our campus!" "She is always so kind and cheerful and it is a great way to end the day with her being so sweet!" "She always has a smile on her face and brings happiness when you see her. She does an amazing job helping keep our campus beautiful." "Sixta has been a wonderful addition to our Hajek staff! She has been so warm and kind! She even brought special treats to my son and me!" "Sixta is so pleasant, kind, and smiling. Her work ethic is incredible as she takes pride in the work she does. We love having Sixta as our hallway person. She not only is kind to the adults but also to the students. In fact, the students have noticed her kindness towards them, one kiddo even stated "Pick up the floor guys so the custodian doesn't have to stay real late." The immediate response from the others was that they began picking up the trash. This shows the mutual respect they have for her. Thank you for all that you do."  
Our November Teacher of the Month is... Danita Luttrall!  You all said: "She really brightens up my students' day when she comes in. They all think she is coming in to work with all of them and are so excited." "Danita has been going above and beyond her duties and she is doing an amazing job!" "Mrs. Luttrall is a dedicated educator who goes above and beyond her responsibilities, she is always willing to help out and she does so with such a positive mindset."