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October 2023 Teacher & Staff Member of the Month

Our October Staff Member of the Month is... Alicia Bryant!  Here is what was said about her: "Alicia has a huge caseload, but works so hard and so diligently to get our kids what they need." "She may not always hear it from staff or students because she doesn’t have a classroom of her own but she is doing an amazing job and we enjoy working with her." "We are drowning in evaluations and yet she still somehow has the brain power to remember every kid she’s testing. Plus I get emails at 9 pm a lot of nights and while I don’t applaud working at home, I applaud her hard work." "She works hard to help our kids."
Our October Teacher of the Month is... Kellie Eggleston!  You all said: "She radiates joy always! I love being in her classroom and am so glad she’s back on campus this year." "Mrs. Eggleston is a great asset for our Hawks! She has a way with her class that keeps them engaged and wanting to participate when she asks a question! Her students love her!!" "Mrs Eggleston is so soft-spoken with her students. She finds teachable moments in all that they do in class." "Always going above what her students need!" "Kellie is such a gift to our campus! Her expertise, her jokes, and her natural gift for teaching make her a joy to be near. I'm so thankful that she's a member of our Hajek family this year!"