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September 2023 Teacher & Staff Member of the Month

Our September Staff Member of the Month is... Monique Williams!  She was selected because: "I nominated Ms. Williams because of her commitment to the students of our school, as well as our faculty and staff. Our students lead challenging lives outside of school and can struggle with those challenges. Ms. Williams finds ways to support these students by making connections with them, creating programs that help them manage those challenges." "As the counselor, it is important to be flexible, compassionate, and knowledgeable. This is Monique." "Mo is such a light and is already working so hard to put out fires. She loves our students and is so calming when they need her most."
Our September Teacher of the Month is... Alaina Pollard!  She was selected because: " Alaina went above and beyond in helping kindergarteners at the beginning of the school year! She of course helped them find their way and settle into routines, but she also noticed and corrected pencil and scissor grips, helped students cope with big feelings, and found every way she could to be helpful and available to the kindergarten teachers. She is so appreciated!" " Alaina is a team player and always willing to lend a hand. I love that she always has a positive attitude!"