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October Students of the Month

Photo of Shelby Gilliland

Shelby Gilliland

4th Grade - Mrs. Stade

Extracurricular activities: She likes to dance and swim.

Interests: One of her biggest interests is math, all math.

Shelby is a true role model in 4th grade.  She is always positive and inspires others to be positive as well.  She is very respectful to all her teachers and peers. Shelby is not only respectful, she is also kind hearted and sweet.  She is always willing to help others.  Shelby is a hard worker and is always on task.  But she also has a fun, creative side that makes anyone who knows her smile.  These are just a few of the millions of reasons why Shelby Gilliland is our 4th grade student of the month.

Photo of Tysen Moss

Tysen Moss

4th Grade - Mrs. Peters

Extracurricular activities: Tysen plays soccer on the Knights team.  He also runs track.

Interests: Tysen likes to play games and play with his friends.

Tysen was selected for student of the month because he consistently demonstrates the characteristics of a soaring Hawk!  Although he is new to our school this year, Tysen has made so many friends because he is always looking for ways to help others.  He is a leader, and can be counted on to always do the right thing.  He always has a smile on his face and a positive, outgoing personality.  Great job, Tysen!  Keep soaring!