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September Students of the Month

Photos of Victoria Ameka

Victoria Ameka 

5th Grade - Mrs. Vanover

Extracurricular activities: Soccer

Interests: Dancing, baking, modeling (pretending with her friends)

Victoria has been selected for the Student of the Month for many reasons.  Her positive attitude towards learning is contagious.  Victoria is always seen helping her classmates when needed.  She goes out of her way to include others.  She is respectful and responsible.  Victoria is a Soaring Hawk!

Photo of Connor Bickerstaff

Connor Bickerstaff

5th Grade - Mrs. Barkley

Extracurricular activities/interests: Connor plays baseball in his free time. He plays shortstop and pitcher for his team.

Connor is always leading by example. He consistently follows expectations in class and always has a good attitude towards his learning. Connor is respectful to his peers and teachers and models SOARing Hawk behavior.