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Students and Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to our Students and Teachers of the Month!

Misty Lovell Teacher of the Month

 Ms. Lovell is always willing to share ideas and mentor new teachers. She goes out of her way to make sure her students are successful. She demands excellence and makes sure to include parents on this process. She is always challenging students and keeping them on-task. She is a mentor teacher to all of our new teachers.

Denia Acevedo Staff Support Monthly

Denia is always happy and very flexible. She is an amazing support to the bilingual team. She helps students be successful. She does so many things and does them with a wonderful attitude. Mrs. Acevedo is always working super hard and engaging with all her team and students to help them with anything they need. She is a team player and down to earth, and her kindness always shows.

Killian Medina

Killian goes above and beyond on each assignment. He is so kind and respectful. He is a leader in the classroom.

Sayah Peters

Sayah is such a great friend! She loves to help others. She works so hard in class and always tries her best on each assignment.

Daylie Orocio 5th Grade

“Daylie is an ambitious student. She is very motivated to succeed not only in the classroom but outside it as well. She is in Runners Club, Art Club, UIL, Student Council, Spirit Squad, and Honor Society.”


Sebastian Reyes

“He is always following directions and setting a great example for everyone. He always works hard and never complains.”

Officer Gary Gray

“He’s so good with the kids. He doesn’t just protect them and us but he also builds relationships with the students. They love him so much.”


Mrs. Webster 2nd Grade Teacher

 “She’s always willing to help everyone whether it’s students or staff. Goes above and beyond for all of her students. She pays attention to each and every student and does everything in her power to help them grow. Her dedication, patience, and willingness is shown in her teaching. She always has a smile on her face that will brighten anyone’s day”


Mr. Peacock PE Teacher

“Mr. Peacock always goes above and beyond to incorporate PE TEKS and grade level learning TEKS. He shows patience with the students and always has a positive attitude and encouraging them.”

Nurse Tomme

 “Nurse Tomme always greets her students with a smile, regardless of how busy her office is. She is kind and nurturing to the students and tending to every small and big scrape and bump.”

Sofia Solis

“Sophia is so helpful and looks after others.”

Ranger Whaley

“Ranger is always so positive and willing to receive help. He is so grateful when one helps him.”

Miriam Lopez 1st grade teacher

“She has an infectious personality, willingness to solve any problem, and positivity.”


Fuen Robledo intervention paraprofessional

“ She is someone who we can always count on and is so flexible. She truly cares for the students and works to help them with their needs.”


Danilo Perez third grade student

“He is always prepared and on task. He goes far and beyond trying to complete his work. He is always helpful to all his classmates, specially the newcomers who need translation. “

Genesis Ahuatl

“Genesis is always a great leader, both in and out of the classroom. She is ranked #5 in the overall number of laps run. Additionally, she was selected as the 3rd-grade captain for her hard work. Genesis works diligently in the classroom, consistently assisting her classmates and setting a great example for them.”