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October Students of the Month

Hailey Jones - 5th Grade


Extracurricular activities: Hailey likes to play video games and sing.


Why was this student selected for Student of the Month? 

Hailey Jones was selected as our Student of the Month for several reasons.  She is well-liked by her peers and is always kind, helpful, polite, and hardworking.  She is willing to lend a hand to students and teachers alike whenever necessary.  She is an excellent motivator in the classroom and always strives to do her personal best, too.


Hailey Jones


Teagan Kleckner - 5th Grade


Extracurricular activities: Teagan is a member of the Archery Team. At home, he likes to play video games and play with his sister.


Why was this student selected for Student of the Month? 

Teagan is a strong leader in fifth grade. I can always count on him to do the right thing even when no one is watching. During class, Teagan is always on task and is respectful of those around him. He loves to work collaboratively during Math. I have noticed on several occasions that Teagan has been willing to help a classmate who may not understand the assignment. Teagan has been nominated for Student of the Month because he is kind, respectful, hardworking, trustworthy, and always willing to help those around him.