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Students of the Month

Morgan Guidry

Morgan is out Student of the Month for August/September.  Morgan goes above and beyond in and out of the classroom.  She strives to do her best and is a leader with her peers.  Morgan is the daughter to Blake and Lesley Guidry.  Outside of school, Morgan loves to ice skate and is now playing hockey!  Her other interests include playing with friends and being a great big sister.  We love having Miss Morgan in 5th grade and can't wait to see what other opportunities await her as she moves on to Middle School!

 Mrs. Odom, 5th grade teacher

Clinkscale Elementary

Morgan Guidry


Tinley Zapata

Tinley is a wonderful little first grader respresenting out Student of the Month for August/September!  She is a great friend and helper to other students in our class.  Tinley is a great listener and follows directions without having to be reminded.  She is very responsible and always comes to school with a smile on her face.  Tinley is the daughter to Kendra and Josh Zapata.  Outside of school, Tinley loves playing with her dog and riding her bike with big brother.  We love having Miss Tinley in our first grade classroom!

Mrs. Hearin, 1st grade teacher

Clinkscale Elementary

Tinley Zapata


 Anthony Renteria - October Student of the Month 

He is 8 years old and enjoys flag football with friends, loves to play games, and the dogman series.

Anthony is an absolute joy to have in class. He is a hard worker and always tries his best. He is a great friend and cares about his classmates. He loves to help both his classmates and teachers whenever he can.

Mrs. Farmer, 2nd Grade Teacher

Anthony Renteria


Rosalie Henry - October Student of the Month

She is 7 years old and enjoys soccer, guitar and ukulele lessons.

Rosalie is an example to all who know her. She is always kind to others. She is a diligent worker. Even when things are hard, she works tirelessly to accomplish her very best at all she does. She is always respectful and polite. She is so compassionate, always looking out for everyone’s feelings. Rosalie is an absolute joy and blessing to have in class!

Mrs. Harvey, 2nd Grade Teacher

Rosalie Henry


Harper Pearse - November Student of the Month

She is 6 years old and enjoys spending time with her family and sometimes helps her mom decorate beautiful cookies.

Harper is kind and loving to all our friends within our classroom family. She works hard on all her assignments and continuously tries her best. Harper is a great kid and has a bright future ahead of her.

Mrs. Trotter, 1st Grade Teacher

Harper Pearse


Jayden Mayner November Student of the Month

He is 7 years old and enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and practicing football. Jayden also likes to be creative and loves playing outside in his backyard.

Hayden is an exceptional student. He takes pride in his work and he strives to do his best each and every day. Jayden is an amazing artist and he loves to write stories. He wants to be a movie director when he grows up. I have no doubt that he will achieve that dream!

Ms. Spurgeon, 1st Grade Teacher

Jayden Mayner


Leila Leitgeb December Student of the Month

She is 5 years old and likes watching TV and movies with her family.

Leila is the picture of kindness and compassion. She can find the smallest ways to show her friends how much she cares for them and makes them feel it in a big way. She works very hard and gives her best during each lesson. Her perseverance is unmatched and it’s inspiring to her teachers and peers.

Mrs. Roberts, Kindergarten Teacher

Leila Leitgeb


Noah Martinez December Student of the Month

Noah is 5 years old and enjoys playing with his little brother.

Not only does Noah have dimples that melt hearts, Noah Martinez is an exemplary kindergarten student. Noah goes above and beyond each day and puts his best into every learning opportunity. He approaches each day with enthusiasm and is always respectful to teachers and staff. Noah is absolutely a joy to teach and is a great fried to all our classmates!

Mrs. Hammons, Kindergarten Teacher

Noah Martinez


Nicole Raschke January Student of the Month

She is 9 years old.

Nicole is a model student. No matter what challenges she faces, Nicole takes them on with a positive attitude. Her work ethic and dedication are to be admired. In addition to that, she sets a wonderful example by showing extreme kindness and respect to all students and staff. She truly is a Star Student!

Mrs. Johnson, 3rd Grade Teacher

Nicole Raschke


Zap Brookbank January Student of the Month

He is 8 years old and likes drawing and playing video games.

Zap joined our class as a new student this year and he quickly became not only friends with others, but a role model and leader in our classroom. He comes to school each day with a smile on his face, is excited to learn, and always strives to do his best. Zap is such a great addition to third grade!

Mrs. DelReal, 3rd Grade Teacher

Zap Brookbank


Zoey Morris February Student of the Month

She is 9 years old and takes piano lessons, is in Ukulele Club, and enjoys playing her recorder!

Zoey was chosen for Student of the Month because of her kindness, academic strengths and positive attitude. She brings an immeasurable amount of kindness to school every day. She helps others with Chromebook activities. Writing assignments and includes everyone in free time. She is brilliant and creative in her writing and devours books and assignments! She brings positivity to our class.

Mr. Russell, 4th Grade Teacher

Zoey Morris


Nathan Williams February Student of the Month

He is 10 years old and likes drawing with his sister, reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, skating and playing outside.

Nathan exemplifies the best qualities of a successful student. He is responsible and exhibits impeccable work ethic as he meticulously ensures his very best to meet high expectations. Nathan also has the heart of service. He works well with anyone and wants the best for everyone around him. He is a dependable class partner who never hesitates to guide a partner who is struggling or learn from a partner who is exceeding. He is genuine, kind hearted and helpful and our class benefits from having him.

Mrs. Perez, 4th Grade Teacher

Nathan Williams


Dillyn Hammons March Student of the Month

She is 11 years old and enjoys soccer, UIL, and Student Council

Dillyn consistently exemplifies leadership and hard work. She strives to be the best she can be in and out of the classroom.

Mrs. Odom, 5th Grade Teacher

Dillyn Hammons


Dayton Hackelman March Student of the Month

He is 11 years old and loves being in the Scouts.

Dayton is a kind and respectful student who sets a great example to his peers. Dayton works his hardest and loves to help anyone he can.

Mr. Ward, 5th Grade Teacher

Dayton Hackelman