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Students of the Month


 Miles Lets - 5th grade

Miles is a wonderful classmate who is kind and helpful to everyone!  He is the first person to compliment someone else on their hard work and achievements, and he gets true enjoyment from seeing others succeed.  He tries his very best to make sure that everyone around him feels welcome and included at all times.  In addition to his kind personality, he is driven to give his very best effort on everything that he attempts.  He is a leader and a wonderful team player all at the same time!

 Student of the Month - Miles Letz


Ellie Gurry - 5th grade

Ellie is always one of the first students to offer to help others!  Students also know they can count on her when they need help.  She always works hard and is eager to participate in class.  She is a leader in the classroom and a great friend to everyone in the classroom.  I can always count on her to do the right thing!  She continues to shine each and every day.

 Student of the Month - Ellie Gurry