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Students of the Month


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Month: November

Student's name: Colin Peterson

Grade:  2

Why was this student selected for Student of the Month?  

Colin always demonstrates the qualities of a great student. He is always on task, is a great helper towards his classmates, and is always respectful. He does his best in everything he does and always maintains a positive attitude. 



Student of the month


Month: October

Student's name: Ebun Adeniran

Grade:  First

Extracurricular activities:  soccer

Why was this student selected for Student of the Month?  

From the moment that Ebun stepped foot into my classroom she’s been the sweetest, hardworking, and eager student. Ebun arrives every morning with a smile on her face and ready to learn! She always displays good manners and follows classroom rules. She’s also a very sweet and respectful person to all the adults and a friend to everyone in our class! 

Ebun is always getting her work completed to the best of her ability. I can always count on Ebun’ s hand to be the first to go into the air when I ask questions and for her to give thoughtful answers. During group or partner time, she works well with her classmates and treats them with kindness. I’m very proud to say that Ebun is in my class and can’t wait to see just how far she goes by the end of the year! 


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Student's name: Felix Lopez

Grade:  First

Extracurricular activities:  Football

Why was this student selected for Student of the Month?  

Since the first day of school, Felix has been an amazing helper and friend. He always displays good manners, follows classroom rules, and is very respectful. He arrives every morning with a smile on his face and ready to learn!  Felix has such a calm and patient manner that his classmates enjoy being around him. He is friendly to all and includes everyone. 

In academics, Felix is a diligent worker who enjoys learning new things. He continually participates during class discussions and activities. He takes his time to do careful, detailed work that he is proud of. I really enjoy having him in class and look forward to watching him grow this year.


Paisley Peikert

Month: September 

Student's name: Paisley Peikert

Grade:  Kindergarten

Extracurricular activities:  Paisley loves to cheer, color, paint, play with makeup, and go to Six Flags.

Why was this student selected for Student of the Month?  Paisley is such a hard worker. She always sets a great example for her classmates by showing grit, respect, and responsibility!  


 Lincoln Powell

Month: September
Student's name: Lincoln Powell
Grade: Kinder
Extracurricular activities: sports, working with dad, making sandwiches with dad, loves his mom’s hair
Why was this student selected for Student of the Month? Great attitude towards school work, helpful to friends and teachers, always answering questions and raising his hand, following school rules, making good choices, and being a good listener.




Student's name: Jon Morazzano

Grade:  Pre - K

Why was this student selected for Student of the Month? He is always kind to friends, waits patiently for his turn and is respectful to his teachers.