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Teacher of the Month


Michelle Gustin

Month:  January

Teacher's name: Michele Gustin

Grades/subjects taught: PE

How many years with BISD: 21 years in BISD, 13 years at Brock

Why was this teacher chosen for Teacher of the Month:

Mrs. Gustin is a tremendous PE Teacher and so much more. She is quick to step in and help without needing to be asked. Mrs. Gustin also goes above and beyond helping students find joy in physical fitness and education! Through runners club, jump rope club and various other clubs throughout the year, students are awarded different opportunities and experiences.Mrs. Gustin helps to instill a joy and eagerness for students to reach their goals...and then surpass them!


Melanie Lesley

Month:  December

Teacher's name: Melanie Lesley

Grades/subjects taught: Kindergarten

How many years with BISD: 13 years in BISD, 10 years at Brock

Why was this teacher chosen for Teacher of the Month: 

Mrs. Lesley works hard to lead, be a team player and educate students in a way that is engaging and relational. Her heart for students is apparent in all she does. She comes to work ready to take on each task and lead her team and students with a level of strong leadership, insight and integrity. She is a dedicated Brock Tiger and we are thankful she’s part of the Tiger Family!


Month:  September

Teacher's name: Jennifer Burke

Grades/subjects taught: 3rd Grade

Why was this teacher chosen for Teacher of the Month: 

Jennifer Burke is the spark of Ann Brock! Her loving and outgoing personality is contagious and her leadership supreme. She creates a fun and challenging learning environment for each of her students and works hard to build relationships so every student knows they are loved and cared for. She works hard to help the whole child. She is first to volunteer or offer a helping hand and takes the time needed to do her job well. We are thankful to Ms. Burke and all she does for Ann Brock. She is a true Brock Tiger.


Teacher's name: Sandi Lengyel

Grades/subjects taught: First grade

How many years with BISD: 9 years

Why was this teacher chosen for Teacher of the Month: 

Mrs. Lengyel is amazing. She works hard to meet the needs of every student and does it with a positive attitude and heart full of love. She is a team player and looks out for the team and school...helping in any way she can. Her sense of humor keeps everyone laughing and her classroom is a place where students feel safe, loved and can learn in a positive way. We adore Mrs. Lengyel!



Lynda Consolino

Teacher's name: Lynda Consolino

Grades/subjects taught: 4th Grade

How many years with BISD: 3

Why was this teacher chosen for Teacher of the Month: 

Mrs. Consolino was chosen as our Ann Brock September Teacher of the Month due to her contagious passion to reach students and connect with staff. Mrs. Consolino creates an environment where students can learn, while feeling accepted and cared for. She goes above and beyond to make sure students are being strengthened in academics while also learning how to be responsible and held accountable. Her personality and energy is contagious and something we value greatly! 




Robin Heins

Teacher's name: Robin Heins

Grades/subjects taught: Diagnostician 

How many years with BISD: 13

Why was this teacher chosen for Teacher of the Month: 

Mrs. Heins is REMARKABLE. She is our diagnostician and works fervently to make sure students and staff are receiving the help needed. Mrs. Heins continuously works with a positive attitude, is organized, kind... and extremely helpful. She goes above and beyond in every measure of her work for our students and staff.  We appreciate all Mrs. Heins does and the great influence she has on Brock!