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September Students of the Month

Congratulations to our STEAM September Students of the Month!

Blake Hughes


Blake Hughes - 6th  grade

Blake is an artist. He is innovative in his creations and is currently exploring pixels as an art medium.  Blake was chosen as student of the Month because he is kind and respectful to those around him. He is autonomous in his learning and shows it by taking ownership in his classes and always exhibiting a growth mindset. He always seeks to learn more. 

Kylie Kimball

Kylie Kimball - 6th Grade

Kylie is a performer, talented in both Dance and Theater. She plays multiple roles in three different productions and will travel to California to perform in a theater competition this season. Kylie was chosen aas student of the month because she has a positive attitude and an eagerness to help others that makes the classroom community more inclusive and supportive as a whole. She is kind and thoughtful toward peers and teacher. She exhibits a growth mindset herself and actively facilitates her peers in  reaching their goals.