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HMS Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival/Dismissal Video

Arrival/Dismissal Map


  • Morning Procedures
    • Students will report to the cafeteria to get breakfast and eat in the cafeteria. Once finished with breakfast, they will report to their assigned grade level location. 
      6th Grade: Cafeteria
      7th Grade: Back Hall
      8th Grade: 8th Grade Hall
    • Tutorials will be offered with your teacher. A required signed & dated pass from your teacher.
    • 7:45 AM:  Side entrances will be open to students. Buses on Westside (Tennis court side) Cars on Eastside (Tree Line/Cafeteria side).
    • 8:15 AM: Tardy bell rings for first period. All students entering after this time will need to have a pass from tardy station. 
  • Parent Drop Off 
    • Parents will enter the campus from Murphy Drive and travel towards Thomas Drive on the East End of campus.
  • Bus/Before School Bus Drop Off
    • Buses will begin unloading at 7:45AM from the West End parking lot.
  • Bike Arrival and Placement
    • Bike racks are located on the West End by the bus lane. Once on campus, bikes need to be walked to the bike rack. Once bike riders secure their bikes, students will enter HMS at the West End entrance. All bicycles should be locked as the school assumes no responsibility for loss or damage.  Due to safety concerns, bicycles and skateboards may not be used on school property. Walk with them until off campus property. 
  • Walker Arrival
    • Walkers may use the East End and West End HMS entrances beginning at 7:45AM.


  • Bus Riders
    • All bus riders will remain in their 7th period class until their bus is called.
    • Bus numbers will be called over the announcements. Teachers will be given a list of students with their bus number.
    • Please go directly to the bus because buses will leave as soon as they are loaded. 
    • At 4:00PM, all remaining bus riders will go to the bus area.
  • Car Riders
    • Parents will enter the campus from Murphy Drive and travel to Thomas drive on the East End of campus.
    • At 3:43 when the bell rings for dismissal, students will go out the doors by the cafeteria and go outside and wait under the awning for their parents to pull forward. When their parents' car is from the curb up they will be released to go get in there car once all cars are brought to a complete stop. No students should leave the curb until they have been directed to do so by an adult.
  • Walkers and Bike Riders:
    • Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed at 3:43 and need to immediately exit the building and head off campus. Students are NOT to linger or congregate outside or in the hallways.

If you have any additional questions please call our office at 817-245-0600