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Burleson ISD Announces Purchase of Facility for REALM Secondary School

Purchase for REALM also provides world-class event center for performances, events and competitions

October 28, 2020  – After searching for a state-of-the-art facility for REALM Secondary School to call “home,” the Burleson Independent School District (BISD) announces the purchase of Venue 510, prominently located at 510 SW Wilshire Blvd. The purchase enables REALM Secondary School to have a modern facility with ample square footage tailored to meet the unique learning needs of REALM students now and as the school develops into a 6-12 grade campus. 

In creating its school for game design and development, BISD identified learning and career opportunities for students who possess the highest level of passion for coding, game design, computer science and programming. REALM students are introduced to such training in sixth grade and continue to build on and learn the necessary skills to develop their own game by eighth grade. With licenses available for students to earn in grades 9-12, students graduate ready to enter the workforce or pursue degrees in game design and development at prominent universities such as the University of Texas and Southern Methodist University.

“BISD was the first school district in the metroplex to establish a choice school centered around game design,” said BISD Superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson. “This building will accommodate the needs of REALM and communicate our dedication to offer choices and options in an out-of-the-box learning environment, preparing students to take advantage of technological careers that exist now and those  they will help redefine in the future.”

Adjacent to REALM, a spacious, state-of-the-art venue and event space will allow BISD to host esports tournaments, concerts, band performances, musicals and other events. 

“BISD thought very carefully about how REALM’s new building will be used, and as a secondary school, it will have a fantastic event center to share with other campuses just as our BHS and CHS campuses have done in the past,” said BISD School Board President Pat Worrell. “I look forward to attending the variety of fantastic events that will be presented in this new facility.”

BISD has been at the forefront of popularizing esports and competitive gaming among high school and middle students since hosting Dallas-Fort Worth’s largest educational esports tournament in February 2019. The purchase of Venue 510 for REALM and the adjoining world-class event center enables BISD to continue hosting such events in addition to a multitude of other performances, events and competitions. 

BISD will work with former Venue 510 owner Billy Beacham, who invested in modernizing and transforming Venue 510 into a world-class event center. Beacham will help train BISD staff and prepare the facility for students by Fall 2021.  

“This high-caliber facility will be the perfect home for REALM as we develop into a secondary school,” said REALM Principal Crystal Deaver. “The modern look will inspire student creativity and the technological upgrades will afford us the opportunity to expand REALM’s innovative instructional practices.” 

REALM Secondary School, currently located at 517 SW Johnson Ave., Suite 200, is scheduled to move into its new home campus Fall 2021. 

The BISD’s choice school for game design will graduate its first class in 2023.