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Big Kahuna Fund Raiser

Big Kahuna fundraiser going strong!

Shortly following the Kick-off rally last Monday, students and families have gotten behind our first REALM fundraiser with Big Kahuna in a big way. Thank you to everyone for your support! The drive goes through Friday, September 13! Prize celebrations will follow approximately two weeks after the sale ends.


Here are some answers to the questions we've received:


  • Checks can be made payable to REALM
  • Glow bracelets will be distributed to those that sold one kit once we receive the bracelets.
  • Selling 2 kits earns the opportunity to attend the special "Glow Party"
  • Selling 3 kits earns the opportunity to play video games at the Game Truck (We are going to try to align this with Reboot periods so the fun could last an entire class period on that day.)