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March Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to our GDDS Teacher of the Month, Mr. Castrejon! His peers had the following to say about him: 

"Mr. C shows up every day with a positive attitude, and he is constantly thinking of ways to make the content more fun and engaging. The kids love working with him, and he helps them reach their full potential."

"Mr. C is the calm in the storm and an absolute class act!! He always comes in and talks to the kids like young adults. Really helping them realize they have autonomy over their education and encouraging them every step along the way. His communication with teachers is equally as amazing. He’s diligent in his case work making our jobs so much easier."

"Mr. C is excellent with students, demonstrating remarkable patience. Additionally, he is a fantastic coworker, providing support to colleagues and establishing strong rapport with them."

Thank you so much for all you do, Mr. Castrejon!