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ATT Info - Senior Night and HOCO

For parents whose seniors will be celebrated during Senior Night of the Boot Bowl game at At&T stadium, we encourage you to be there immediately upon the opening of the gates at 6:00 PM.  Below you will see information regarding the order for the Senior Night presentation on the Jumbotron and I want to make sure each of you are able to see your child during the presentation.  
We will be starting the Senior Slideshow video at 6:10 PM so parents can have enough time to enter the stadium and find their seats once the gates open. 
We will kick off by going through CHS’s senior slides first followed by BHS. The thought process here is that CHS will go first since they are the visiting team. 
The entire video (BHS & CHS combined) will last about 12 minutes so each student will have their moment on the big screen.
We will then run the entire video again to provide another opportunity for parents to see their child on the Jumbotron. AT&T has stated they will require the 20 minutes prior to kickoff but we have asked for this video to play intermittently during the downtime of their run of events. We will see what happens. 
Homecoming presentation videos will be run during halftime.