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Parking Pass Update

Student Parking Passes will be available for pickup on the 28th of September.

For those who need to purchase a pass, please visit the BHS website for purchase instructions. All payments for parking are made through the BHS website and you must register your vehicle using the Google Form link before coming to pickup your pass.

If you have already purchased a pass but have not registered your vehicle, you must do so before coming to pick up your pass. If you aren't sure please contact Mr. James via email.

Students who have completed all requirements to purchase the pass will need to come to room 148 to receive their passes at the times listed below. Please do not wait until the last few minutes of the scheduled times. Please ensure you have a hall pass prior to coming!

Student Pass pickup will starting September 28, 2020

Before 1st period: 8:15 am -08:35 am

Flex: 10:31 am- 10:57 am (Must have a Hall Pass)

8th-9th Period: 2:34 pm - 4:15 pm (Must have a Hall Pass)

After School: 4:15 pm- 4:45 pm