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Students of the Month

Rylan Sevier


Rylan Sevier is a Junior at Centennial High School.  His parents are Holly Lowry and Matthew Sevier.  He enjoys Partners in PE, playing basketball, listening to music, video games, reading books, and watching movies.  Mrs. Streitz states, "He comes to class everyday excited to be there. He is attentive in every lesson, gives 110% effort in all his work, and is always willing to answer a class question. He is working very hard in the class to learn all the material he can then takes it home and tells his family about it. He has grown tremendously in the 3 short 6 weeks we’ve had so far. He never misses a class even if that means he joins virtually so he makes sure to learn all he can. He greets me with a smile every single day and then makes sure to tell me bye with that same smile each day. He’s a very sweet genuine young man that you can tell really cares for others."

Bethany Hoyler


Bethany Hoyler is a Freshman at Centennial High School.  Her parents are Angela Hoyler and Thomas Hoyler.  She enjoys Cross Country, Soccer, and church.  Ms. Munoz states, "Bethany is a very focused and determined student.  She is always mentally present and participating in every class activity and discussion.  Bethany is polite and considerate in every conversation I have heard from her."  Mrs. Banks says, "Beth has such a pure heart.  She is a dedicated student, always participates in class discussions, and encourages her classmates.  She works hard when it comes to academics, but her personality is her best trait.  She is unshakably kind, and goes out of her way to be a positive light wherever she goes, and in everything that she does."