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Teacher of the Month

Crystal Layne teaches English 1

She has been with BISD for 2 years.

The CHS staff believes this teacher should be Teacher of the Month because she has been such a hero in the English department. She is a critical member of her team, offering support in so many ways. In spite of various obstacles and challenges that have come her way, her team knows that they can look to her for support and guidance, and her students look to her for engaging and meaningful classroom experiences. We are so grateful to have her on our campus.  

She is a hard-worker, who puts the success of her students first. She painstakingly creates lessons that are engaging and meaningful... daily!  She is a rock that cannot be shaken. She continues to show up with a smile every day and encourage the people around her. 

Congratulations Crystal Layne! We are so happy to have teachers like you here in these Spartan halls.