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Students of the Month

October Students of the Month

Bailey Stone is 15 and a Sophomore at Centennial High School.  Her parents are Megan and Trent Williams and James Stone.  She enjoys Sparklers.  Mrs. Baker states, "Bailey works really hard and completes all of her work.  When she has questions, she asks, and if she doesn't do well on something, she makes the effort to redo the assignment for a better grade.  She's a great student and person!"



Kendall Lawrence is 16 and a Junior at Centennial High School.  His parents are Nicole and Kevin Lawrence.  He enjoys Basketball.  Mrs. Uranga states, "Kendall is an exceptional young gentleman.  It is just the beginning of the year and he has already made such a great impression.  He is respectful and intelligent, thoughtful and caring.  He carries himself with immense maturity and is always excited and prepared for class.