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Student of the month.

School: Frazier

Month: February

Student's name: Daleyza Chavez

Grade: Kindergarten

Age: 5

Parents' names: Janette Arredondo and Kevin Chavez

Extracurricular Activities:

Why was this student selected for Student of the Month?

Throughout this school year, the Kindergarten teachers have stressed the importance of always "choosing kind."Daleyza is definitely a role model to others in being able to choose kind in all situations. She is such a sweet young lady who greets teachers each morning and afternoon with a smile and kind words. Being kind and always doing her best is just part of who she is! Daleyza actively participates in class and does a nice job on her work. We can always count on her to do the right thing wether we are watching her or not. It's a true pleasure to have Daleyza in our class, and we are more than proud to have her as our February Student of the Month.