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Marleen Galvan  

September Support Person of the Month

Ms. Galvan enjoys working out at the gym. She has been at Bransom Elementary for 2 years. 

Marleen has been a great help in my classroom . She is always willing to do what is asked of her and does it above and beyond. My students love days when Ms. Galvan works with them. Not only is she helpful but she is also a great friend! Congrats!

Mrs. Kincannon, Kindergarten Teacher


Marleen is always willing to go the extra mile to be flexible and help students to reach their best potential. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help!!!

Mrs. Jackson, Reading Interventionist/4th Gr Teacher


Marleen has been a tremendous asset to our student support team. She is helpful, flexible, and hardworking. Marleen always does what is asked of her, and usually does it with a smile. She most definitely deserves the honor of Support Person of the Month. 

Lindsay Blair 4th Gr Virtual Teacher