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Name: Jenny Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs

Mrs. Hobbs has been teaching 11 years. This her 3rd year with BISD, and her 1st year with Bransom.       

We are so happy to have her join the Bransom team!

We are so blessed to have Mrs. Hobbs join our Bransom family. Her hard work shows in the announcements and the students enjoy their time with her. 

                                                                             Mrs. Michler   5th Gr


She has done such a fantastic job! She hit the ground running and hasn't stopped yet! She is a welcome addition to our Bobcat family. 

                                                                        Mrs. Cech   Librarian/5th Gr


We are thrilled to have Mrs. Hobbs as part of our Bobcat team. She is energetic, knowledgeable, and radiates positive energy throughout the campus! She is inspiring our students to express themselves with the camera, on screen and behind the lens. The announcement videos Mrs. Hobbs facilitates continue to elevate our school spirit and unite our campus. She also has gone out of her way to assist other teachers by creating an extra meeting room on campus and being a support perosn wherever needed. Mrs. Hobbs is a true blessing to all students and staff. 

Jennifer Grace   Theatre Arts Teacher