• Husky Parents,

    We wanted to take the opportunity to clarify attendance requirements for both Virtual and On Campus learners.  We know that there are many changes that have resulted from the COVID19 Pandemic and want to make sure you all are aware of the attendance requirements associated with both virtual and online learning opportunities.

    Attendance for On-Campus Learners:

    If a student has selected On-Campus Learning, attendance will be recorded the same way it has been recorded in the past.  If a student is not present on that day, they will be marked absent.  The absence will remain an absence regardless if the student has submitted their work for the day.  However, we encourage students to access available resources through their Schoology courses to avoid getting behind in their classes.

    Attendance for Virtual Learners:

    All virtual learners participating live in Zoom meetings will be marked present for that day of instruction.  All students will be allowed into Zoom meetings for the first 10 minutes of class.  If a student is unable to access the zoom meeting in the first 10 minutes, they will need to complete the lesson asynchronously.   All virtual students submitting assignments by 11:59PM will be marked present for that day of instruction.  Due to teachers evaluating the submission of assignments the following day, attendance recording will not be finalized until 2 school days after the original day of instruction.  (I.E. Attendance for Monday will be finalized by the end of day Wednesday). 

    If you feel as though there has been a mistake with attendance please follow the following steps:

    1.  Check Schoology to see if your student has submitted work.
    2.  Contact the teacher for clarification.

    3.  Email Teacher and Attendance Clerk (Ginger Custead) with discrepancies.

    ***Please note that the State Attendance Laws have not changed and students are required to be in attendance for 90% of instructional days in order to receive credit for a course.

    Changes to Instructional Choice (Virtual vs. On-Campus Learners)

    Is you student changing from Virtual to On-Campus?

    Changes from Virtual Student to an On-Campus learner can only occur at the six week grading period.  

    ***Please note:  If an Instructional Choice form is not submitted for the upcoming six weeks, students will remain with their current Six Weeks instructional choice.

    Changing from On-Campus to Virtual?

    Changing from an On-Campus student to a Virtual student can occur at any point throughout the six weeks.  However, parents must communicate this change to the Campus Registrar (817) 245-0600,  as attendance is recorded differently for Virtual Students.

    Changing from Synchronous to Asynchronous?

    Please contact HMS and inform the front desk of the changes to the Virtual Learning opportunity.  The presence of live virtual students, oftentimes, influences the planning of lessons.  We like to keep our teachers informed of students that will be attending live instruction.  Additionally, please make sure that you are familiar with the attendance requirements associated with Asynchronous learning.

    Thank you for your support and partnership.