Instructional Roles For Both Environments

  • Although students may be learning in different environments, Burleson ISD is committed to providing consistency in high-quality instruction and learning tools for all students.

Preparation for Learning

  • Student

    • Be prepared for learning each day and have work and assignments completed and ready.
    • Complete coursework by deadline set by teachers.
    • For On-Campus Learning: Take all materials and devices home each day in order to be prepared for possible school closure.


    • Access parent resources to learn how students will navigate the Learning Management System.
    • For On-Campus Learning:  Encourage your child to have their things in their backpack/device and ready for school the night before.
    • For BISD Virtual Learning:  Create a designated place in your home for your student to use as their remote classroom.


    • Meet weekly with collaborative team to plan instruction for all students. 
    • Utilize the district curriculum documents and follow the scope and sequence provided by the academic services department.
    • Upload “Week at a Glance” for parents and students in the Schoology.
    • Upload weekly instructional materials into the Learning Management System.
    • Be prepared to teach daily lessons. Burleson ISD Virtual Learning teachers will teach from their empty classrooms or from an empty room assigned in another campus/district facility.
    • Take all materials and devices home each day in order to be prepared for possible school closure.

Learning & Teaching Expectations

  • Student

    • Attend classes according to school schedule (either on-campus or virtually) and give your best efforts in your school assignments. 
    • Participate in On-Campus Learning activities or live synchronous Virtual Learning sessions as instructed by teachers.
    • Be organized in your work and in getting projects completed.
    • Ask questions and communicate with your teacher.
    • Be aware of what you should be learning each day.
    • Become familiar with the structure of the Learning Management System and how your teacher organizes information.
    • Turn in assignments on time.


    • Check in with student(s) to monitor completion of homework and assignments.
    • Discuss your child’s favorite part of their day and what they learned in school.
    • Facilitate academic support and encouragement as a learning partner to motivate and guide your child throughout the school year in your role as a learning coach.
    • Provide your child with assistance on their day-to-day activities with the exception of designated independent work.
    • Consider creating a designated learning/study space for your child at home to learn comfortably.
    • Maintain communication with your child’s teacher by phone, email, and/or online meetings to create a learning partnership.
    • Monitor and ask for evidence that your child is on track with assignments and coursework.
    • Familiarize yourself with Schoology, the Learning Management System, all BISD students will use for the 2020 - 2021 school year.


    • Teach students how to access learning materials through the Learning Management System. 
    • Provide on-campus or live synchronous instruction and facilitate learning throughout the day.
    • Manage online and offline resources to provide consistency and routines for students. 
    • Provide clear learning goals for students.
    • Follow the expectations established across the district for Schoology.
    • Check student assignments in a timely manner and give feedback in verbal or written form at a weekly minimum to provide next steps or necessary academic intervention/extension. 
    • Post grades in a timely manner according to district grading guidelines.

Support & Intervention

  • Student

    • Attend intervention/tutorial sessions as established by your teacher or school.


    • Allow your child to attend intervention/tutorial sessions as needed.
    • Assist in supporting your child’s needs by establishing and managing the daily schedule communicated by the teacher.
    • Help your child own their learning. Provide support and encouragement and expect your children to do their part.


    • Provide intervention or tutorial sessions as needed.
    • Follow student IEPs / 504 accommodations in all learning environments.
    • Follow student LPAC requirements for linguistic accommodations for EL students.
    • Use data to pinpoint students’ specific needs for enrichment and intervention.
    • Monitor student progress with fidelity according to recommendations.
    • Provide and communicate office hours or conference period for student/parent support.
    • Attend and participate in professional learning.

Learning Tools for Both Environments

  • Device

    • All students will be offered a Chromebook to use in either learning environment.

    Instructional Platform

    • All teachers, grades PK-12, will utilize the Learning Management System as their primary learning management system and communication tool for the 2020-2021 school year. 
    • The Learning Management System will use a similar structure by grade level in order to provide consistency for all students and classes. 
    • Assignment submissions: For both environments, student assignments will be submitted (as much as possible) through online platforms to eliminate unnecessary contact and shared materials.

    Online Resources

    • All teachers in PK-12 will be enhancing instruction through the use of online resources to engage students in high quality learning experiences.
    • Students will have access to online resources, textbooks and materials through BISD’s Learning Management System and a district’s single sign-on platform
    • No resources, platforms, or apps requiring student fees or an associated cost to the family will be required at any time.

    CommunicationCommunicating with teachers: 

    • All teachers will establish and communicate office hours or conference times when they are available to meet with parents and answer student questions.
    • Contact information will be provided at the beginning of each semester.


    Burleson ISD recognizes the need to ensure all students have reliable access to adequate technology resources on and off campus in order to fully participate in academic programming. Burleson ISD is preparing for Virtual Learning and possible school closures due to COVID-19 as follows:

    • Learning devices will be provided.
    • Students and families are expected to follow guidelines for care and use in order to ensure these public resources are effectively maintained.