BISD Website Best Practices

  • Creating Content

    We recommend that all content be typed up, edited, and finalized without any styles or formatting applied until you are 100% ready to publish. If you are trying to edit content while applying formats, it can be rather confusing. The website (correctly) assumes that once you have a selected a style, this format should be applied to the remainder of the text that you will be typing. Unless you specifically click the format, type the text, and then click the format again, the website will carry your formatting style forward. As you continue to create content and choose different formatting styles, the final result can be way different than what you may have intended.

    Type up the content. Create a faux layout without options. Apply formatting.


    Copying and Pasting Content

    The website editor is incredibly robust and intelligent. It can accept formatting from various sites and transfer it over to a new web page. This makes it incredibly easy to copy and paste content with its corresponding format from one page to another. However, if this content is copied from outside sources (i.e. external sites) or do not wish to transfer the formatting with the content, it will be necessary to copy the content from the website and paste it into "Notepad" (a program on your Windows PC). This step removes all the formatting and creates a non-stylized base for your page. From there you can copy that content into your page and lay out it properly. Once the content is in its final location, apply the proper formatting. 

    This method can also be used on existing content that needs to be heavily reformatted.