ContentHurst/Renfro Property Background and FAQs

  • Why is the district working with land planners?

    • A small investment in land planning is the most responsible thing we can do to create a good, cohesive proposal for how the property is developed. Sitting undeveloped, it does nothing meaningful for the children of BISD. A good plan in place allows the district to ensure that the activity on the property is consistent with its mission. Any plan that is finally approved will be informed by input from city administration, economic development experts, civil engineers, demographers, market analysts and community members.


    What are the benefits of creating a land plan?

    • A land plan will allow the district to hold developers accountable to high standards of development, and it will control the improvements adjacent to current schools. Land plans can help manage population growth and traffic patterns around our public schools. By adding a commercial segment to this land, the tax-base is increased without adding additional student population.


    When I built my house, I thought that this property would be the future site of an elementary, middle and high school. What changed?

    • The property located at Hurst/Renfro, which was purchased in 1999, became the homesite for Bransom Elementary, built in 2002.
    • The plan to build a middle school at Hurst/Renfro changed when voters voted for Proposition 1 in the 2006 Bond Election, for the purchase of land for new campuses.
      • After the election, the district closed on land for Centennial High School, which opened in 2010.
      • Board minutes from November 12, 2007, indicate the board approved to purchase property located at Hidden Creek, specifically slated for “a future middle school.” The district closed on the property in 2008.


    Can you provide information on why the Hurst/Renfro property is no longer a location for a middle school?  

    • The district’s architects, Stantec Architecture, conducted site assessments for the development of a future middle school. Stantec used two priorities for its evaluation. The first priority was student safety, followed by wise use of taxpayer resources. Based on its assessment, Stantec recommended that the Hurst/Renfro site not be used for a middle school.


    Can you specify what the 2006 bond included in regard to the purchase of future sites?

    • Priority eight in the recommendation from the 2006 Facilities Advisory Committee called for the purchase of future school sites: two high school sites, one elementary site, and one middle school site. The Board of Trustees adopted the committee’s plan as presented.


    Why is the Hurst/Renfro property forum in September if the bond election is in May?

    • Our intention was to present the land plan prior to the bond/TRE election; however, when it went to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting we realized that the community had concerns with the plan as it was drawn. BISD tabled the plan and is conducting a survey with the citizens of the community, giving them ample time to provide additional input. When the survey closes, the district will share the results with the land planners, directing them to consider this feedback prior to bringing an amended plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission.