• Midas is a 3 year old short haired golden retriever. 

    He has came to Frazier in August 2017 to beginning his training with us. 
    Midas became a full time staff member in February 2018.  
    Mrs. Schimming formally adopted Midas after his training, so he travels to and from school with her. 
    Midas does all kinds of different things on campus. 
    Here's a list of some of them:
    -comforts students when they are upset or sad
    -helps with reading therapy
    -deescalates students when they are mad
    -helps teach hygiene and personal care 
    -greets visitors with a smile and a wagging tail 
    -provides friendship and love to 550 students and 75 staff members
    If you would like more information about Midas, give us a call. We can talk about how amazing he is all day!